Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBY CRUCIAL upgrade

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Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBY CRUCIAL upgrade

My daughter has a Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBY that is pretty useless since it was delivered end of 2015 with very small 32 Gb eMMc storage. To upgrade it, I inserted a Crucial 250 Gb SSD into the empty drive emplacement. Before doing this, I followed the instructions in the installation kit that I had also purchased, making an image of the original Windows 8.1 OS. The Acronis drive imager didn't work completely as planned since I received a few error messages during the process. However, by ignoring these, I pursued the process to the end. After, I partitioned the SSD allowing around 100 Gb for the the OS. I named the partition C:\Windows OS and the other partition D.\data. To connect the SSD to the computer I also purchased a SATA connector on eBay (Lenovo Flex3 1120 1470 1570 Yoga 300 SATA Hard Drive HDD Cable, part number 5C10J08424). I popped the SSD into the computer and rebooted. To my surprise, everything worked perfectly without even having top mess with the BIOS (others on the web said that the SSD cannot be used to harbour the C: drive) . The SSD immediately took over, with the OS image on the SSD being used for the boot. The only unexpected result was that the 32 Gb drive has disappeared. I don't know why, but do not really care, since the Yoga is now running better than ever with 250 Gb capacity. My CRUCIAL experience is perfect!




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Re: Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBY CRUCIAL upgrade

Hello Nash, thanks for your message. This forum is French speaking so please use our English forum here: https://forums.crucial.com/?cm_re=eu-top-nav-_-eu-flyout-support-_-eu-support-community-forum



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